Haunting Eyes // Standing Rock

Haunting Eyes // Standing Rock

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The haunting view every night. Always lit up by floodlights, the ridge line was protected to prevent protesters from tampering with the drilling equipment. Though the camp was a no-fly zone, planes and helicopters flew over to survey and harass the camp. There were some reports of these aircraft spraying chemicals on the camp in the night. The armed security and police would infiltrate the camp to instigate trouble, sometimes bringing in weapons which weren’t allowed by the protesters. Phone lines were jammed causing service to be spotty and phone batteries to die quicker. Drones recording video were shot down. Facial recognition software was used in order to call out people over loudspeakers to intimidate them.

These are just a few things the armed security and police would do against the water protectors. Police have even been quoted in the months after the event as having “treated [protesters] as terrorists.”

In purchasing these photos, you receive a unique part of history and culture into your home and/or workplace while contributing to my work of advocating for the stories and causes of others and shedding light into dark places. 10% of sales will go to help the people of the Standing Rock Reservation and environmental protection.

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