Mixed Emotions // Standing Rock

Mixed Emotions // Standing Rock

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December 4th. The camp had just been set abuzz by the excitement of an incoming email from The Army Corps of Engineers. Everyone ran to the main fire and quieted as a man got on a loudspeaker and read “...We have denied the permit for DAPL to drill under the river…”

People were crying, singing, and dancing while others were shocked and quiet.

This image captures a glimpse of the emotions felt in these moments after the announcement. A man embraced one of the elders of the camp and began to sob. She gently embraced him with her own teary-eyed smile and can be seen here wiping his tears from his cheeks. This is a moment I’ll never forget  for the rest of my life.


In purchasing these photos, you receive a unique part of history and culture into your home and/or workplace while contributing to my work of advocating for the stories and causes of others and shedding light into dark places. 10% of sales will go to the Standing Rock Reservation and environmental protection. 



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