A Symbol of Hope // Standing Rock

A Symbol of Hope // Standing Rock

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It was Dec 3rd and the veterans had just began their march to the 1806 highway bridge blockade. A Native saw one of the veterans carrying this Captain America shield and asked if he could carry it to the front lines. It was a powerful scene to behold; watching this indigenous man carry an American symbol of justice and freedom, (even though the object comes from a comic), through a blizzard and up to the front lines. This image, this action, and this moment brought a hope to the front lines that was real and tangible. This image captures his determination, his struggle, and the hope he was fighting to protect.

In purchasing these photos, you receive a unique part of history and culture into your home and/or workplace while contributing to my work of advocating for the stories and causes of others and shedding light into dark places. 10% of sales will go to help the people of the Standing Rock Reservation and environmental protection.

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